Mexico Itinerary: Mexico City to Yucatan

Traveling Mexico is usually associated with spring breaks in Cancun or Cabo and the beach resorts in Tulum, but there is much more to explore.  If you are a traveler with an explorer soul, Mexico is the right place for you.

This classic itinerary is for travelers who want to visit relatively safe areas of Mexico. It begins in Mexico City and ends in the Yucatan Peninsula in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico, once home to the Mayan civilization. This classic itinerary will require 10 days to enjoy.

How to apply for FMM

To travel to Mexico, you need the Mexico Tourist Card, officially known as FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple). It’s a mandatory entry requirement for all foreign citizens visiting Mexico for tourism, business, or pleasure.

To obtain FMM, travelers must complete an application form before arriving at the Mexican border. Foreigners must have the following documents to apply for FMM:

Remember, the Mexican Tourist Card is different from the Mexican visa. Although some foreign tourists are visa-exempt, they still need FMM.  For others, the tourist card and the Mexican Visa are both requirements to travel the country.

Classic Route: Mexico City to Yucatan

Mexico City

The city of 12 million inhabitants is bustling with life. Mexico City is abundant in history, impressive architecture, incredible art and museums, limitless entertainment, and some of the best street food that will blow your mind. 

For a hassle-free and memorable trip, it’s important to stay in a safe and well-connected area. Hence, most travelers choose to stay in Roma, Condesa, or the central area around Zocalo main plaza.

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