Fresno to Oakland- Weekend Getaway to The “Other City” by The Bay

It might seem a little biased, but America provides a myriad of experiences with every state offering something unique for every kind of traveler. It is a perfect destination for people looking for scenic drives, relishing delicacies, wilderness, beautiful beaches, and much more.

Since amidst COVID-19 restrictions, you might be finding yourself a bit reluctant to travel outside your state. That’s understandable! But who has stopped you from exploring your state? Probably no one! 

And since we are talking about traveling within California, Oakland is hands down one of the coolest cities of the Golden state. Surprisingly, it is just a bridge away from San Francisco. It is, in fact, an urban cultural mecca that has its own bustling waterfront, colorful murals, incredible history, and hip shopping places. 

Without further ado, let’s plan your weekend getaway from Fresno to Oakland right now! Are you ready?

First, Let’s Get Done With The Bookings

How do you like to travel? Are you traveling for a weekend getaway, or do you wish to stay longer? All these factors will determine what type of options you should look for. There are precisely a variety of choices available like train, bus, road, or air. 

Depending on your time crunches, choose the affordable and cheapest option. For instance, if you decide to travel to this city by air, you can look for affordable flights to Oakland. Hey! Are you worried about parking your vehicle? Not anymore! You can now look for Fresno FAT Airport Parking online as well.

The next thing is renting a place to stay. Various travelers suggest renting an Airbnb in the heart of the Temescal district. 

Now that we are talking about the Temescal district, let’s find more about this hipster haven. 

Temescal District, a Multicultural Neighborhood

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