Signs that Indicate You May Have Anxiety Without Realizing it

In challenging times, like during the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is possible to develop stress, chronic anxiety disorder, or even depression.  

To most people, the word anxiety brings to mind a person experiencing a panic attack, running out of breath, and eyes straining to withhold tears. While this might be true for some, anxiety can be present in subtle forms that may escape an average person’s attention.

Here are some of the symptoms that show you are having anxiety and should seek medical help. 

Drops of sweat collecting on your forehead or dripping from your back and armpits are normal reactions after a strenuous exercise. The body uses sweating in such situations to cool itself down. However, there is a difference between regular sweating and anxiety-induced sweating.

Stress sweat occurs when the body reacts to psychological factors such as stress and anxiety. According to various researchers, the link between excessive sweating and anxiety appears to be more pronounced in people who suffer from hyperhidrosis.

Occasional worries are normal, but for people with anxiety, the concerns never end. People with anxiety worry about ordinary things such as health, family problems, money, the future even where there is no apparent reason to worry. Unfortunately, they can’t get themselves to stop worrying.

This kind of worrying takes a toll on the patients’ psychological well-being, making it difficult for them to focus on their day-to-day tasks.

The relationship between sleep disorder and anxiety is two-way. On one side, a sleep disorder can cause anxiety, and on the other hand, anxiety can be the source of sleeping disorders.

An average adult requires about eight hours of sleep a day. If you are starting to notice a pattern of lack of sleep, it could be an indicator you are suffering from anxiety, and it would be best to consult a doctor to determine the underlying cause(s).

Having a low opinion of oneself is the worst thing. People suffering from anxiety tend to feel like a horrible friend, family member, employee, or even a partner. The truth is you are not an awful person. That feeling is caused by anxiety, and when left unchecked, it could lead to more serious mental problems like depression. 

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