9 Luxury Items to Add to Your Baby Registry

Think beyond playpens and swaddle blankets. These trending items for babies can help any new parent feel at ease. There are so many interesting baby gadgets on the market, it’s hard to know what’s best for you. Here’s a good breakdown of things you might want to add to your gift registry. If you’re the kind of mom who would enjoy a VIP Disney Tour, then read on.

Sound Machines

Imagine you’ve been in a room with constant noise and suddenly you’re in a different place with new sounds, new sights, and the people you’re with expect you to sleep in silence. That’s what it’s like for a baby. Babies go from their mother’s womb to a cold dark place with no noise. Noise machines are the perfect solution. Some even mimic the sounds a baby would have heard in utero.

Baby DNA Test

Have you ever wondered what your child might look like when they grow up? Who’retraits did they get? Would they be dark-haired or have light hair? Now there’s away. With the right DNA test, you can easily learn the DNA traits that make up your child. These can give you insight not only into what they will look like, but what their sleep patterns or food needs will be like.

Video Monitor

Baby monitors have been around for ages. But if you want to see what your baby is up to when he or she sleeps, a video monitor can help put your mind at ease. They make several new types that even connect with your phone so that you can watch them on the go. You can even take clips with some of them and share them with family or friends who want to see your little one.

Sock Monitor

Want more peace of mind? A sock monitor like the Owlet measures your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and alerts you if there are any issues. These home monitors use similar technology to the ones in the hospital and can help parents of little ones with apnea rest more easily.


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