Travelling in the ‘new normal’: How pandemic has changed the rules of the game

Hand sanitisers, masks, personal protective equipment kit, lockdowns, virus and anecdotes are all the terms we have been hearing since the year 2020. Travel industry has been one of the most hampered industries due to this COVID-19 -19 scenario all around the globe. Cancelled flights and borders closing for entry has brought travelling to a stagnant condition and coming out of it is a major challenge. Students have been the most hampered ones but online exam help has aided them in this situation. During this time the United Nations’ World Tourism Organisation declared that the global destinations had begun with its prohibitions at the highest hour of the pandemic situation.

Adapting to the new normal

With the whole world trying to get a grip of the new normal conditions, the travel sector is also camouflaging to the new normal, post COVID-19. 10% of the GDP is contributed by the travel sector and lately, that has hampered our economic condition. The travellers have remained confined to their house for months now, almost a year, but in the recent months they have started dreaming of mountains and forests. But reopening the travel sector post pandemic has its own kind of challenges. To do my programming homework and get them checked was a hectic job but with online aid things have been henceforth easier. The current situation demands for a well-planned and well-equipped travel research which will keep your safety as the major concern. Before you hop on your venture make sure you do your homework on the destination you are about to visit as well as their set of rules and regulations as per this new normal situation at hand.

The travellers must keep in mind the rules about pre-departure COVID-19 tests and packing the right clothes and things to stay safe along with their VISA procedure. Keep this checklist in mind before leaving for your venture. This list will clear your doubts and answer them so that you can have a great start.

Involving the process of research about the place is necessary. Check travel blogs and read articles of those who have recently made a visit to that place. Newspapers will also tell you the situation at your desired destination. Check for information about the restrictions in the country and prepare your luggage accordingly. Keep everything you require to remain immune to the virus. Check rules and regulations of not just your country’s government but also the protocols stated by the government of the place you plan on visiting. Detailed information can be collected from embassy websites if you plan on abroad trips. From travel booking information to on-travel rules all will be clearly stated for your perusal.

In this new situation medical reports are something you must always carry along. The fear of COVID-19 has spread like wildfire and it is important that you remain safe from it. So, yes, medical reports are usually required for documentation purposes while applying for a visa with or without the COVID-19 situation. However, the government has started taking measures to improve the health screening procedure, so do not forget to update your document according to the checklist for your destination country. In some countries they are currently asking for vaccination details, so that too is a part of your visa application. If a COVID test is necessary on arrival then get it done before you leave.

You can opt for both in-house test kits or pay a visit to the hospital to get the test done. VFS global has recently started taking bookings for online appointments. Tests are conducted with great comfort in your homes with the help of EduWorldUSA. The above stated method is currently put to use in 11 of the large cities of India.

You can avail this privilege of online photography courses instead of being bodily present. Similarly for the application of your visa you can opt online, using the Visa at Your Doorstep services. You can opt for this and enrol biometrics from your chosen location. You can avail this service anytime you want and it is a step taken by the government to keep your convenience at the top of their priority list. Maintain all the health precautions while undergoing this process. You can also avoid crowded centres and opt for courier delivery at your home.

Pack your own pandemic kit and get rid of all that waste that can make you prone to being COVID positive. Carry your own sanitizer spray, wear the gloves and masks at all times, keep your vitamins handy and take your generic medicines timely. You must use personal objects only and about coming in contact with anyone, not even for a pen. If you are a man use your own grooming kit instead of buying from a foreign land. Be careful about food deliveries or when you are dining at a restaurant. Avoid taking local transport as much as you can. Do not give any sudden medical issue a pass especially when the world is medically unstable.

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