7 Tips to Be a More Responsible Traveler in 2021

Making a trip to a new place or even as a returning tourist is always exciting and produces new impetus. Beyond personal pleasure, not many stop to think about what the impact of that tourism is.  This could touch on the environment, policing, or the local economy. 

Becoming a global traveler comes with an added layer of responsibility. We should think about how to make the places we visit better instead of worse than we found them. Being civil doesn’t mean losing any pleasure. It only means being conscious of all your actions while out on the road. 

When it comes to tourism, blending is always the best approach. When you blend in, you get some amount of respect from the locals, who in turn become friendlier and more open. If you stick out like a sore thumb, you make yourself a target for hostility and humiliation. 

Before traveling, read as much as you can about the culture, including how they perceive and treat tourists and cases of tourist harassment. 

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Sometimes tourists and especially students go out and have a fun time not thinking about the consequences of their actions. It is important that even as you go out to drink, you don’t turn the local environment upside down with beer bottles, clothes, and other stuff that can end up in the local water system or rivers and streams. 

Buy reusable water bottles if you can. Carry a reusable canvas bag instead of purchasing plastic bags, especially when you visit developing countries. 

As a tourist, do your part in honoring any local bylaws concerning littering and travel light for your good and to reduce plastic waste. 

Tourists, especially ones traveling to lesser developed countries, often tend to condescend over locals and complain (loudly) about how terrible services are. It is your responsibility to get an adequate picture of what happens on the ground by speaking with a trusted guide before traveling. Questions that you can ask include:

Remember, in some countries escalating issues quickly will only get you into more harm. Be a good negotiator and always walk around with a guide if you are unsure. 

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