The Best Ghost Tours In New Orleans

Do you believe in ghosts? Would you like the chance to see some in real life? Would you like to test your skepticism even if you don’t believe in ghosts? If so, the best place to do it is New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The city has been made famous by hundreds of works of music and literature and is said to be the most haunted place in the United States of America. Nowhere else in the country will you find so many places that allegedly go bump in the night, and so that makes it the ideal choice for a spooky vacation. 

New Orleans is a huge, vibrant city, and you’ll need a little help from the locals if you’re going to find out all of its secrets and see everything there is to see. That help is easy to come by, though. The city hosts many reputable tour guides and tour companies, most of whom have at least one specialized ‘ghost tour’ on their books. You’re free to choose any of them so long as you do your research and make sure you’re booking with a quality company, but we say why do one when you could do several? There are so many places in New Orleans associated with ghosts, magic, witchcraft, and voodoo that no single tour will show you all of them. Why not do several and try to get the full picture? 

If that idea appeals to you, we’re here to help. Here are a handful of the best ghost tour companies currently operating in New Orleans, along with a brief summary of what ghostly goings-on they might offer to you. 

New Orleans City of the Dead Cemetery #1 Tour

This tour is all about voodoo – the history of which can be found all over the city. We don’t know what it is about voodoo that so fascinates and scares the pants off people in equal measure, but it’s been around for a long time. Some people are entertained by it, as we can see from the “Voodoo Magic” online slots game that’s been attracting so many players at online slots websites recently. Other people are convinced that voodoo is real and shouldn’t be trifled with. In both cases, the fascination is genuine. We’re not in a position to say whether voodoo is real or not, but thus far, we’re unaware of anyone who’s come to harm after playing the aforementioned slots, so perhaps it’s not all that bad. 

This tour is about New Orleans’ incredible architecture as much as it is about voodoo or ghosts. It’s a journey around the city’s French Quarter, taking in the influences of Spanish, French, and Creole designs and culture on the city while simultaneously learning how and when voodoo became associated so closely with New Orleans. There’s even an opportunity to stop off at a voodoo shop and buy all the tools you’d need to become a voodoo shaman – if you dare! The tour ends in a graveyard where many of the bodies are buried above the ground for very strange reasons. We won’t spoil it for you. 

New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl

Hosted by a company called “New Orleans Ghost Adventure Tours,” this tour allows you to find out whether consuming one kind of spirits makes it easier for you to see another kind of spirits. Many of the city’s ghosts are said to frequent its bars, and so what better way to see them than paying their favorite ‘haunts’ a visit and enjoying a drink or two while you’re there? This tour is hugely popular with almost every kind of visitor and enjoys a maximum five-star rating on Trip Advisor at the time of writing. 

The tour is conducted by two experienced New Orleans historians who don’t have any assistants or additional tour guides, so you’ll have to book well in advance if you want to spend an evening with them. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop and the LaLaurie Mansion are particular highlights of the tour, but every place you’ll visit is significant enough to have been visited by at least one ghost hunting television show. 

Ghost and Vampire Walking Tour

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